The USTF was founded by Senior Grand Master Charles E. Sereff with the goal of making the members some of the best Martial Artists in the world, practicing the true traditional form of Taekwon do as set forth by General Choi, Hong Hi.

 We have USTF Directors in most States with membership of over 5000.  We offer advanced Black Belt training up to and including the rank of Grand Master Instructor.  Grand Master Sereff and Grand Master Mike Winegar developed a series of educational handbooks with requirements for Gup and Dan grading, step sparring, rules and regulations and pattern workout.   We have many Regional and National Championships, Instructor Seminars to certify within the USTF, USTF Referee seminars, Weapons and Knife Defense certification, Ho Sin Sul Self Defense seminars, Regional summer camps plus Sereff World Camp.   

Membership includes USTF and ITF patches plus USTF membership card.  There is an annual maintenance fee that is determined each January; in 2009 the fee was $50.00.  If you decide to join with a school, it will be listed in our directory and on line. 

For more information on joining, please contact:
Grand Master Renee’ Sereff at USTF Headquarters,

Questions concerning changing from one organization to the USTF can be answered by your USTF Regional or State Director.  The names and contacts are listed under the USTF board on this site.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Senior Grand Master Charles E. Sereff
President Emeritus USTF